Bonsai lessons in English

Recently, we have received comments like “Do you hold bonsai classes in English?” more than before. So, we will open bonsai lessons in English from October 2020.

Not only people from other countries, but also Japanese people who want to learn Japanese culture in English are welcome to the lessons.

The teacher has a certificate “Eiken pre-1” and has been working on bonsai for more than 10 years.

You can choose one school to commute to, bonsai-cho headquarters school or Nihonbashi school.

Everyone commutes once a month (12 times a year).

¥30,000+tax for one lesson a month
(includes the lesson fee and the materials)

■Bonsai-cho school
Every first Friday and Saturday

■Nihonbashi school
Every second Saturday

Lesson contents: you make a bonsai which expresses a landscape of each prefecture, each month.

—Examples of each theme-

【Prefecture: a type of tree】
Niigata: Japanese juniper
Tochigi: Nasu five needled pine
Okayama: Tsuyama cypress
Kagawa: Black pine
Saitama: Zelkova
Aomori: Apple tree
Ibaraki: Japanese plum
Kanagawa: Ginkgo
Yamanashi: Acer
Hiroshima: Japanese maple
Hokkaido: Ezo pine
Yamagata: Cherry
Kyoto: Cedar, weeping cherry
Nagasaki: Camellia

We are currently recruiting students.

A trial lesson is recommended for the first time.